English Tuition

Success Makers provides tuition for students in English language for key stage 1 – key stage 4 and A Level. We also offer tuition in GCSE English and cater for 11+ and SATs. English tuition covers grammar, reading, spelling, comprehension, phonemic awareness and written expression. Success Makers can help students of all ages and learning levels develop a stronger grasp of English language.

Whether your child struggles with reading, writing, or reading comprehension, our teachers can help! Our approach is tailored to the student’s learning style and even personality so that the student benefits from improved confidence. Our students are able to take advantage of one to one or group tuition from the comfort of our centre.

The command and mastery of the English language becomes increasingly important as a student grows older. Being able to effectively read, write, comprehend, and otherwise communicate thoughts and ideas well is key to obtaining good marks in school and influencing people throughout one’s life.

We can help your child in

  • writing
  • spelling
  • grammar
  • reading
  • comprehension

The ability to communicate well will greatly benefit a student in employment, relationships, and other areas of life.

Success Makers is able to build upon the skills students already have and help them succeed. The programme caters for students who are virtual non readers through to those who have only minor difficulties. The curriculum covers all aspects of English language. The programme is carefully designed so that each student can progress and achieve.